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Stuart Jay 06th Jul.
If you went to Sackville between 1980 and 1989 feel free to join my facebook page with 500 plus members its called I WENT TO SACKVILLE SCHOOL IN THE 1980S see you there
James Gray 16th Aug.
15 new last members this month...
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     Welcome to SackvilleFriends - The Free Alumni for Sackville School - East Grinstead.

    This website has been designed to re-unite old friends - we wanted to make it free and easy to use. Please let us know what you think, and give us your ideas if you would like to see more features.

    Good luck, James.

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     Sun 01st May 2016

    • Sackville Friends has been set up to provide a comprehensive free alumni service for Sackville School, East Grinstead - we believe that charging for email addresses is wrong and so all the services on this site are 100% free. (Aren't we nice?)
    • Please register your details by clicking here, you will then be listed on our site and people will have access to your details. You can of course return and modify your details at any time.
    • A few people have been asking, so in response, this site was made 'live' on the 10th August 2001.
    • Motto: "Deeds not words", or "Get off your arse and do something useful but don't even think about opening your mouth."
    • Sackville School was founded by public subscription in 1859 as a national church school on a site provided by Countess Amherst, a descendant of Thomas Sackville (see below). It moved to its current site, where it is housed in 'modern facilities close to the town centre' in 1964, and became comprehensive in 1970. It attracts pupils from throughout East Grinstead in addition to Kent, East Sussex and Surrey, and is over-subscribed, with 1.1 applications per place. Sackville School is 'dedicated to the development of capable, caring, creative and confident people', with a 'particular emphasis on the use of contemporary technologies'. Extra-curricular activities include 'supported self-study' as well as 'longstanding sporting achievements'. Sackville is Sussex champion or finalist in football, cricket, hockey and swimming. It gives music and drama performances in 'major national locations' and local art centres and 'prides itself on its record of academic excellence and pastoral care'. Visitors are 'always welcome'.
    • Sackville School is named after the Sackville family who owned much of the land around East Grinstead in the 17th century. Not to be confused with Sackville College the Joacobean Almshouse founded in 1609 by Robert Sackville the Earl of Dorset, which is now a Grade 1 listed building and still in use today. "Good King Wenceslas" was written in Sackville College by John Mason Neale in 1846 while he was Warden there. The name Sackville is a corruption of the Latin De Sicca villa, that is, "from the dry town" (I guess it didn't rain as much back then!?)
    • Sackville School Details:
      Headteacher: Mrs M Robson
      Age range: 11-18
      Number of pupils (2002): 1,465
      Lewes Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3TY
      Telephone: 01342 410140
      Fax 01342 315544
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